Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Technical Difficulties

I wanted to have more posts posted and new items in the Janey Sue shop, but I can't get the pictures off of my camera! The USB cord to transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer broke. Plus, I cannot find it in the stores. I had to order it online and now just wait for it to arrive on my doorstep.

Check back soon...we are having an awesome giveaway :)

Am I the only one that has a million sites bookmarked? Almost all my bookmarks are projects that I want to make. Their are so many talented people out there, that my bookmarks grow daily. I am starting a new goal. Sew something for myself, kids, house, family once a week. 4 projects done a month...I will keep you posted on my progress. You can follow along too. Every Thursday I am going to post the project that I am completing for that week. If you love it too then follow along. We even created a CraftingLT flickr group so you can add your photos too. I am new to flickr and am still figuring it out. We would love to see any of the projects you are working on, so feel free to add away :)

Since my camera is busted and a post needs pictures, here are some projects that I would love to make!!!

Split Twirl Skirt by Crap I've Made

Lime Green Necklace by V and Co

Messeanger Bag from Cargo Pants by Noodleheads


Meekiyu said...

wow the cargo pants bag is an awesome idea! I use to have that pesky USB need to transfer pictures. Now I got a laptop that can read the memory card of the camera directly so no cable! It wasn't very expensive but for ya next computer maybe check it out =D

Anonymous said...

I think four projects a month is definitely do-able. Good luck. I look forward to seeing them.

natty. said...

I love that lime green necklace. It is too cute.

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