Saturday, March 26, 2011

Windows by Melissa

My very talented sister-in-law, Melissa, has started her own window treatment business and has a shop on etsy! She makes curtains like roman shades, hidden tab, rod pocket, and more! They can be custom fit for your window too. You pick your own fabric and Melissa does all the hardwork. Easy!!

 Roman shades - These would be nice in any bedroom!

Ribbon Valence - How cute would this be in a little girls room? I love it!!

 Hidden tab - LOVE this fabric.

Check out her awesome site on etsy here:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New beds for my girls

My husband made new beds for our girls and they turned out awesome! I love them!! It really opened up their room and gave them more space to play. He made the bottom bed tall enough to slide their dressers underneath freeing up even more floor space. He is so talented and he made up the plans for it. He sketched them out on google sketchup, made a cut list, and then started building. We were inspired by these plans and these plans on Ana White's amazing site. She is so talented and I love the plans on her site. I have more projects that I want to build (well, probably my husband). My next project for their room is curtains and I already started sewing them! Maybe that will be my next post.

 The top bed

 Bottom bed with dressers from IKEA

 Picture from the doorway

They even have a little cave to play in underneath the bottom bed

 Someone asked how we made the bottom of the beds so I am adding pictures of what the beds look like underneath..

We bought 1x3 furring strips (they are really cheap). We used 15 for each bed.

We also bought 1x1 furring strips. We screwed them to the 2x4 sides.

Then we screwed the 1x3 furring strips to the 1x1 furring strips. They are spaced about 2.5" apart.

I hope that makes sense!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Matching Outfits :)

Cutest baby boy!

When my best friend asked me if I would make her little boy a tie, I was very excited. I make a lot of girl things, but not many boy things. With the extra fabric, I made her husband a matching tie (she makes them match for church sometimes)! Then she wanted a matching skirt too. She sent me these pictures of their matching outfits. I love it! I want to make him a bow tie next.

 (He wore this to work. Gotta love accountants!)

I used this tutorial from a Very Homemade to make the baby tie. For my friend's husband, I just made up the pattern. I used my husband's tie for the length. For the skirt, I just made up my own pattern and made an elastic waistband. I love the brown coordinating fabric. It matches the monkey fabric perfectly!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Riley Doll

My sister has been asking me to make a doll for her little girl so I made one to match the dress I made her. I am calling it the Riley doll, after my cute niece.

For the dolls hair, I got the idea from the dolls that mmmcrafts made. I love how she added the cute pigtails and hair accessories. So cute! I used the Black Apple doll pattern to make the doll. I love making those dolls. My kids have a lot of them and play with them all the time!

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