Saturday, March 12, 2011

New beds for my girls

My husband made new beds for our girls and they turned out awesome! I love them!! It really opened up their room and gave them more space to play. He made the bottom bed tall enough to slide their dressers underneath freeing up even more floor space. He is so talented and he made up the plans for it. He sketched them out on google sketchup, made a cut list, and then started building. We were inspired by these plans and these plans on Ana White's amazing site. She is so talented and I love the plans on her site. I have more projects that I want to build (well, probably my husband). My next project for their room is curtains and I already started sewing them! Maybe that will be my next post.

 The top bed

 Bottom bed with dressers from IKEA

 Picture from the doorway

They even have a little cave to play in underneath the bottom bed

 Someone asked how we made the bottom of the beds so I am adding pictures of what the beds look like underneath..

We bought 1x3 furring strips (they are really cheap). We used 15 for each bed.

We also bought 1x1 furring strips. We screwed them to the 2x4 sides.

Then we screwed the 1x3 furring strips to the 1x1 furring strips. They are spaced about 2.5" apart.

I hope that makes sense!!


AllisonEsplinPhotography said...

Awesome! Katie it looks great! Ben is talented.

amazingzeal said...

Nice job, curious if you did the boards under the mattress the same as Ana's hanging bed? i can not tell from the pics.

Amanda and Katie said...

I added picture of the bottom of the bed for you amazingzeal. I hope that helps! We did it differently than Ana's hanging bed

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