Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Women's t-shirt to kid skirt

I have a really hard time giving clothes to goodwill. I do not have a problem going through my closets, but giving them away is a problem for me. I just know that I could make those clothes into something else. I went through my closet recently and kept a lot of shirts and jeans. I made one of my shirts into a skirt for my daughter.

I did not take a picture of the shirt before. It was a v neck with some buttons so I cut the shirt right under the v part of the neck. I had the bottom of the shirt, and it would fit my 4 year old perfectly as a skirt, so that is what I made! I love how it turned out. I just made a simple elastic waistband for the waist. No hemming the bottom since it is already hemmed :) I used the bottom of the shirt as the bottom of the skirt. I made it in 10 minutes...easy!

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1 comment:

The Cairns Family said...

Such a cute idea, I think I may go and find a tshirt and try this out!

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