Thursday, April 9, 2009

My next project :)

When I made these bean bags for my kids, one of our awesome followers commented and wanted us to do a tutorial on a bean bag chair. I never thought of making a bean bag chair. So I went searching for a tutorial so I could make one!

My next big project is decorating my girls room. My husband is building bunk beds since we need as much room as possible since all three girls will be sharing a room. I want to do a Dr. Suess themed room and bean bags would be so fun in their room for them. They already love the LoveSac that we have. And I just got two 50% coupons and two 40% off coupons to Joann...I think I am going to use it to buy fabric for the three bean bags that I am making (might as well make one for baby on the way too). I found this awesome tutorial at Making It Fun. There are lots of cute ideas and tutorials on this site. Check it out!

I will be sure to post my three bean bags when I am finished making might take about a month or after the baby is born :)

Picture from Making It Fun


Amy said...

I think your girls will love this for sure. What a great idea.

mommaof4wife2r said...

super cute!

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