Monday, February 2, 2009

Bean Bags and Crayon Rolls

I really love making these crayon rolls. They are super easy to make and my kids love them. They are great to just put in the diaper bag and have with me to help keep my kids busy. Love this craft!! I got the instructions on how to make a crayon roll at Skip to my Lou.

Every Saturday, my kids and I go to the family storytime at the library. And they sing this bean bag song that my kids really enjoy. During the song, you are suppose to put the bean bag on parts of your body, like elbow, foot, or head, etc. And then throw it up in the air and catch it. Well, I thought that since this keeps them so entertained at the library, I should make them some bean bags to play with at home. And they are easy to make. I made two in 5 minutes.

My daughters were so excited about these bean bags that I made. They have been carrying them around and playing with them nonstop. They even slept with their bean bags!First, cut two squares out of fabric (scrap fabric works great for this).
Then put right sides together and sew all around, leaving an opening to turn in the right way. Flip it to the right side.
Fill with rice, beans, or whatever. I used rice.
Then handsew the opening closed. I was a little lazy with this step and just used my sewing machine to sew it closed. And done!


Meekiyu said...

very cute beanbags... maybe next time bean bag chair ... =D
the crayon pouch is a great idea too! =D

Jose said...

Hey, u did excellent job for your kids. I liked so much that crayon rolls. Bean bags are too looking very pretty. Please feel free to visit my elephant bean bags for the excellent bean bag chairs. Thanks!

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