Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby gifts!

My baby is almost 18 months old and I don't make the itty bitty baby things anymore, except for gifts. I made this skirt, little baby booties, and headband for my friend's new baby girl. The fabric is corduroy again. I have a lot of corduroy right now. It keeps going on sale! I love making these baby shoes. I got the pattern from Stardust shoes. They are so easy to make. I used the same fabric as the skirt. For the bottom of the shoe, I used pink flannel. And for the elastic casing, I used this really soft material that I had. I made up the headband and really like how it turned out.

 I cut out three different size ovals from my fabric, then cut out some tulle. Layered it. Added a button. Then sewed it to 1/4" elastic.

 I do not have the pleasure of making many boy things, because I have three girls. My friend asked me to make her little boy a tie, so here it is...
I followed this tutorial on Very Homemade and it was really easy to make. I made it in 10 minutes. The neck is velcro. My 3 year old daughter loved being the model for it. She asked me to make her a tie! I also made a matching tie for my friend's husband. I made up the pattern for that. I traced one of my husband's ties and put it together. It actually worked and it looks great. I still need to take pictures of it, but I do not know how to tie a real tie!


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