Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My latest project!

For my Christmas present this year, my husband surprised me with a miter saw. (I know it is not Christmas yet, but my husband does not know how to wait until Christmas!) I have been asking for one ever since I found Ana's awesome site You have to check it out! She is so talented and has a ton of building plans. My first project was a picnic table for my kids. You can find the plans here. It was really easy to build, especially with my husband helping me. The paint I bought was oops paint from Home Depot and it only cost $1. Love it!

For my next project....My husband and I are building this dollhouse for my daughters for Christmas this year. We are changing it a bit so it can fit Barbie dolls since that is what my girls love to play with. I am excited to start building it. I just bought all the materials!!

1 comment:

Meekiyu said...

wow awesome table! It's sooo adorable for your kids! I just checked out the site and it has so many super projects to do. Hope to see your dollhouse soon =D

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