Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Painted Pot

I have recently been trying to find a cute pot to decorate to put my wooden letters in that I did last week. I had decided that though they are cute hanging on a wall, I had another idea in my head that I wanted to do. I finally found a pot even though it has some grooves on it. It did not turn out perfect, but I think that all handmade things show more personality if they are flawed. That is how you can see that they are handmade.

1. I used my Cricut (many of you know I love this machine) and made templates with some vinyl that I had. I made the butterflies 3 in tall and the flowers 2 in.
2. Next I took my time trying to carefully adhere them where I wanted them. Since the pot has grooves, it was a bit harder to get the vinyl as smooth as I wanted.3.I picked out my acrylic paint and dabber and painted them like I would a stencil.
4. I set it aside and let it dry for a few minutes and then carefully took off the vinyl. Now since the pot had grooves and I could not get the vinyl to lay as flat as I liked, I then had to go back with q-tips and clean up the outlines because some paint and gotten under the stencil and the lines were not as clean as I liked. I think I did an okay job. If I accidentally took too much off, I dipped the q-tip in the paint and gently dabbed it.

5. I am going to let it dry overnight and them spray or coat with a clear coat so the paint is shiny.

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