Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick and easy Gift

Rub-on Canister Gift

This tutorial is super easy but they make great gifts. The best part about why I like them is you can make them in about 5 min.

You will need the following:
1 glass jar, or canister
some ribbon
Something to fill your jar up with (I chose candy)

1.You take the jar and decide what type of rub-on you want to use. I was making this for a neighbor friend so I chose a friend rub-on that I like

2. Cut around the rub-on that you will use. (I find that that is easier than trying to not get any of the other rub-ons on the project, because once a rub-on is on, it doesn't come off.)

3. Rub it on the place you want it. Make sure that you get all of it rubbed on, then slowly take it off to make sure that it all got rubbed on, if not, just lay it back down and rub it some more.

4. Fill up the canister or jar, add a ribbon and you can also add a cute tag as well. I had already made her a card so I didn't include a tag.

There you go, Super cute, quick to make. (I did put a green ribbon around the canister under the top but I forgot to take the picture before I gave it to her.)


Amy said...

That is a great idea. Where did you get the jars at?

Amy said...

I love that! I am inspired to make some for teacher gifts, etc.


Amanda and Katie said...

I got the jar at Walmart. It was in the aisle with all the kitchen canisters. It was under $4. Yes, they would make great teacher gifts especially since it is getting to be near the end of school.

Meekiyu said...

o wow that's so cool... I've never heard of rub on before. Candy is always good! =D

mommaof4wife2r said...

great idea!!!

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