Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finished project #1

I have a pile of projects that I have started and I want to finish them before the baby comes (or I will never finish them!).

My daughter has been asking me to make her a blanket so we went to the fabric store, and she picked out which fabrics she wanted. I started sewing the blanket, but for some reason I never finished it. Last night, I decided it was time to finish it (since my daughter kept asking for it daily). I did keep it simple since this is my first blanket that I have made. My daughter loves it!! Now I have to go finish project #2.


Sis Laymon said...

Wow! That blanket for Addi is so cute! I love it !!

Cairns said...

What a cute blanket! I love the fabric, looks like it is quilted with out all of the work to quilt it! We need a tutorial on how to make a blanket one of these days!

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