Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scrapbook Tutorial

We are going back to out Tutorial Tuesdays. I decided this week to do a simple scrapbook page. Lots od people scrapbook and some people want to but may not know where to begin. I am going to show you a few simple steps that should help.
1. I have a 12x12 designer paper, 6 photos, and I also have my blank 12x12 white page from the album. Cut your designer paper to fit the white album page. (You also don't have to use the designer paper and put everything just on the blank white page.)

2. In this step you need to place your photos on the page and crop the ones you want croppped but using different cropping tools. I like to do some that are not cropped, and then some that are cropped.

3. Decided how you want them place on the page. BUT do not stick down yet. I like to put my whole design together on the page before I stick anything permanent so that you can decide on what type of embellishments you are going to put on the page.

4. I have my letters cut out from my CRICKET and have put them where I want them. I also like to put a backing on some of the photos, so I add that as well and then make sure I still have room for the design I wanted.

5. I decided that I still needed somethin on this page, so I put a strip of black ribbon on the bottom. But you don't have to and can just keep it simple. In this step you glue or stick everything down with sticky squares, or acid free glue sticks. And Journal. Journaling is important so that when other people way down the road (like grandkids) are reading it they know what was going on.


Megan said...

Cute stuff!

Thanks for visiting me! =)

namaste said...

very nice... I love to scrapbook, I just never seem to find the time.

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